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Losing Weight Isn’t Rocket Science:

Sit Down, Relax,and Freeze Your Fat Away!!


Breeze Vest Is Using Science To
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Losing Weight Isn’t Rocket Science: Sit Down, Relax, and Freeze Your Fat Away!

STOP BUSTING A GUT to lose weight and start busting it away effortlessly with a cooling vest that boosts your body’s calorie burn to freeze off unwanted fat!

SAVE TIME AND MONEY and skip the fad diets, pill-popping, and expensive gyms!

You get to stay at home safely and relax as The Breeze Vest does all the work for you!

WORKS USING REAL SCIENCE independently verified by decades of scientific research into cryotherapy (cold therapy) & cryolipolysis (fat freezing).

MADE IN THE USA using premium materials, designed by engineers and assembled by hand – you'll be supporting a homegrown American business!

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Calling All Guys Struggling with a Sagging “Dad Bod”..

Are you sick and tired of looking in the mirror and seeing a huge gut?

We all pack on a few pounds as we get older and the blazing furnace that was our metabolism settles into a dainty little flickering flame.

Combined with a sedentary lifestyle and a temptation of delicious food everywhere, then those few pounds quickly become an unmanageable health burden.

And, just like all burdens, it takes its toll.

Feeling out of breath doing trivial tasks...

Feeling like the invisible ‘fat guy’in the room...

Noticing that those attractive people in the room aren’t looking at you...

Or worse, not being able to play with your kids or grandkids without feeling like you’ve just been through ten rounds with Mike Tyson on a bad day.

The simple truth is your body is already on the ropes–just like your doctor keeps reminding you.

Today, 42% of Americans are obese, costing the United States government $147 billion dollars.

At a personal level, this translates into an annual bill of $1,429 for people with weight-related medical concerns.

Even if you’re just ‘overweight,’ you’re at risk for several health conditions including:

Type 2 Diabetes, Strokes, High Blood Pressure, Heart Disease, Cancer, Liver and Kidney Disease.

More than just affecting your confidence, your energy levels, and your attractiveness, you’re also impacting your long-term health–and cutting years off your lifespan while ensuring the last few will be spent in and out of the hospital.

Being fat sucks–and guess what?

Losing Weight“The Normal Way”Sucks, Too!

Let’s face it: It’s easy (and delicious!) to pile on the pounds.

But when it comes to incinerating them into oblivion... well, suddenly, things get hard.

Now’s the time most weight loss gurus and fitness trainers will tell you all about the sedentary modern lifestyle, and how our body is still stuck in the hunter-gatherer era where feast and famine was reality – and fat stores kept us alive.

They’ll tell you that whatever they’ve got fights your inner caveman to make you a lean, mean, sex machine once again.

And that does sound good!

What guy doesn’t want that? But what these guys don’t tell you is that your body has one other secret caveman weapon that you can start using now to easily lose weight.

While still enjoying the creature comforts of the modern lifestyle!

It’s Time to Make Weight Loss Easy For Everyone!

What if I told you that there is an easy way to lose weight – a method so stupefying easy that you don’t need to do anything at all?

What if I told you that this weight loss method is based on the very latest in biochemical science?

What if I told you that I lost over 50 pounds in just a few short months with this method?

Most of all, what if I told you that this method uses your body’s own fat to blast itself in to oblivion?

You might be thinking that this sounds crazy – or even just BS – but it’s not!

In fact... It all starts by putting on the Breeze Vest!

If you’re saying, “wait, what?” then please continue to read on!

Because I’m about to blow your mind!

Not all fats are created equal – in fact, there are two types of fat.

There’s the white fat, which is the kind that makes your clothes tight, threatens your health, and loves to hang around long after it has outstayed its welcome.

Then there’s brown fat, or brown adipose tissue, which is your new, metabolically-active fat superhero!

I don’t want to bore you with the full details, but essentially, brown fat is one of the ‘good fats’ that is activated by the cold.

Its job is simple: to produce heat, so you don’t die from exposure to the cold.

Just like packing on the pounds in case of famine was useful to cavemen, having an inner central heating system was also super-useful for staying alive when your nearest food source was a very angry wooly mammoth.

The bottom line is that producing heat requires energy – which means that your awesome brown fat starts burning calories.

Better yet, it dips into your white fat reserves for that energy.

Net result? You’ll feel a little chilly, but the pounds are, quite literally, freezing away!

This incredible biological process is a primitive part of our body’s chemistry–and an incredible reminder of our hunter-gatherer roots.

The very same roots that weight loss gurus love to tell you is the reason why it is so hard to lose fat in the first place.

They conveniently just never mention that the human body already has an in built solution for that!

After all, why would they want you to sit around doing nothing when you can pay for their diet program, exercise routine, or pill-popping regime?

If you are interested in the science, then dive right into these independent studies so you can discover all the benefits:

real studies backed by real science:

independent studies

"Brown Fat as a Therapy For Obesity and Diabetes"
"We are encouraged that both classical and novel therapies targeting BAT thermogenesis may be available in the near future as therapies for obesity and diabetes."


"Major Fat-Burning Discovery – Harvard Researchers Discover"
"In 2009, studies from Harvard Medical School and elsewhere discovered that humans have not only white fat cells but also brown fat cells."

"Brown fat cells don't store fat: they burn fat. If your goal is to lose weight, you want to increase the number of your brown fat cells and to decrease your white fat cells," says Dr. Komaroff.


"The Skinny On Freezing Fat"
"There has been a lot of buzz lately about freezing — and no, we don’t mean winter temperatures in Boston. Freezing fat, known medically as cryolipolysis, is one of the hottest trends in noninvasive body sculpting — that is, losing pockets of fat without needles, knives, or real downtime."


"Cool Temperature Alters Human Fat and Metabolism"
"PET/CT images show that a patient has more brown fat (red) after a month of cold exposure but a complete reversal after a month of warm exposure." Lesson learned: Use Breeze Vest often.


"Indoor Heating Could Be Making Us Fat"
"It may be the world’s easiest weight loss plan, involving no exercise or dieting. Scientists claim you can shiver yourself slim by simply turning the heating down a few degrees."


"Cooling Down Our Brains May Help us Sleep Better"
"In a study presented this summer at the American Academy of Sleep Medicine’s SLEEP 2011 conference, researchers fit 12 insomniacs with caps that use circulating water to cool the prefrontal cortex. The cap helps the insomniacs fall asleep about as fast—and stay asleep about as long—as adults without insomnia."



Now, if you’re already aware of this, you may be thinking this all sounds like cryotherapy and cryolipolysis (fancy terms for ‘cold therapy’ and ‘freeze the fat away’)

You’re absolutely right, and that’s because the Breeze Vest operates with the exact same principles!

With the Breeze Vest you won’t have to leave home and pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars for each session to a fancy clinic to get amazing results.

Instead, All You Need to Do Is Wear The Breeze Vest!

I admit that still sounds crazy to me –but let’s get real for a second: nothing’s crazy if it works to the tune of losing over 50 pounds without doing shit!

Sadly, Breeze Vest Isn’t for Everyone...

I wish I could sell Breeze Vest to everyone around the world who needs to lose weight –but as of right now, this offer is only open to residents of the United States.

As I want to help you lose weight, I want you to do it safely.

If you are suffering or have suffered from any of the conditions below, then Breeze Vest, along with other forms of cryotherapy,may not be appropriate for you, please check in with your doctor first:

•Acute/Chronic Kidney Disease, Bleeding Disorders, Circulatory Disorders, Seizure Risk, Metal implants/Pacemaker, Respiratory Illness, Under18 Years of Age, AnemiaTumors, Cardiovascular Disease, Heart Attack(Past 6 Months), High Blood Pressure, Stroke/Cerebral HemorrhageRisk, Raynaud’s Syndrome, Unstable Angina Pectoris

If you’re in the United States and free of any of the abovecomplications, then please continue to read about Breeze Vest[Image] The Weight Loss Vest That Makes Weight Loss A Breeze!

If you want to lose weight the easy and hassle-free way without even having to leave your home, then Breeze Vest is the best choice for you.

Instead of fighting your body, you can now use real science to make your body work for you –so you can finally have the body you want!

Just wearing the Breeze Vest – continue with your daily activities and enjoy life, knowing that your body is literally burning calories away!

SAVE YOUR PRECIOUS TIME and energy for doing the things you want to do.

With Breeze Vest, you don’t need to make sacrifices because you’re on a diet.

YOU'LL SAVE THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on gym fees, expensive fad diets, useless weight loss pills, and even cryotherapy. Breeze Vest costs $499 and not a cent more.

MADE FROM PREMIUM MATERIALS and assembled byhand, each Breeze Vest is rigorously tested to ensure a high-qualityend product that will lasta lifetime

SUPPORT THE US ECONOMY and purchase a weight loss vest that is engineered, designed, and manufactured right here in the good old fashioned United States of America! You'll also be supporting US jobs!

At just $499 with an industry-leading lifetime warranty and no pesky hidden fees, Breeze Vest won’t just help you to get trim, but also to stay trim for the rest of your life!

Trust me when I say this you're going to feel a lot more confident & outgoing when you freeze all that fat away!

If you’re looking for an all-in-one weight loss solution that’s convenient, affordable, and effective, then Breeze Vest is your best choice.

Even the Media Is Talking About Us...[Logos]LIMITED STOCK ALERT We Can Only Gaurantee 500 Breeze Vests - Order Now to Avoid Disappointment

FACT: It’s 2021! You Don’t NEED the Gym Anymore! All you need to do is Sit Back, Relax & Watch as Breeze Vest Freezes Your Fat Away!

But if you only want to lose weight to better your health and feel more confident about yourself, then wearing Breeze Vestis the way forward.

Think about it: the average monthly cost of gym membership in America today is $55 a month –or $660 a year.

With Breeze Vest, you’re making a one-off investment in yourself that pays for itself in less than a year......

Remember you won’t even need to drive anywhere, wait in a queue for machines, get sore muscles, or deal with other people, their stinking sweat (that they never clean up!), and their contemptuous glances at you?

Those miserable days are now a thing of the past thanks to the Breeze Vest!

LIMITED STOCK ALERT! Only 500 Breeze Vests Will Be Producted:

Let me be straight with you: I want to help you to lose weight as smoothly and effortlessly as I did while sidestepping all the BS thatthis industry is packed with.

This isn’t about money – it’s about helping you to achieve your target weight and enjoy the lifestyle you deserve!

That’s why the Breeze Vest is backed by the best warranty in the industry with lifetime support for the Breeze Vest and its ice packs.

If something ever goes wrong (we doubt it since we test our stuff, but we got your back if it happens), simply ship it back, and we’ll send a replacement back right away!

Start Losing Weight... Without the Endless BS! Just One Small Word of Warning...

Imagine that it’s a year from today.

How well is your weight loss journey going?

Will you still be cursing at your scales, feeling frustrated and disappointed because the numbers just won’t change, despite meal after meal of rabbit food and endless hours on the treadmill?

Or will you be enjoying the incredible feeling of losing tens or hundreds of pounds with no effort at all –and enjoying the extra confidence, energy, and attention you get with a trim body?

Remember, all the hard work of research and development has been done for you.

All you have to do, quite literally, is sit on your fat ass until it isn’t fat anymore!

I promise you, the next year will pass by in the blink of an eye. You know for a fact it did this year.

And we both learned in school (or should've learned) that history has a way of repeating itself.

All you have to do right now is make a simple decision for your health: to make your next year of weight loss a breeze!

Or to continue to struggle with your health & your weight as you currently do today.

However, you need to Act NOW because this offer is limited to just 500 Breeze Vests...and they’re going, going, almost gone as you sit here reading this.

If you delay any longer, you WILL MISS OUT on the easiest weight loss solution you've ever come across!

Then you will have to pay thousands of dollars to your gym to get sweaty and feel hungry all the time as you poke at yet another plate of tasteless rabbit food.

The choice is yours –but it won't be for long!

Only 500 Breeze Vests Will Be Producted!

Order Now to Avoid Disappointment!

Transform Your Life with the Breeze Vest!

Lose Weight the Fast and Easy Way!

Will you let me help you to finally start losing weight the easy, effective way – without having to constantly spend money on things that pit you against your body with varying results?

Will you let me help you to make a decision that will have a positive impact on your long-term health – so you can enjoy a happy, long, and healthy life?

Will you act today to make a smart decision that will transform your life?

Breeze Vest can and will make that difference – but it’s up to you to act, and you need to act now!

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$3,189 ONLY $499


Ready to lose weight?

1 time payment of $499

No hidden FEES!

Congratulations you made it to the bottom of the page!

You clearly were pretty interested in reading everything.

Now the only question that I have for you is, what are your plans for your health?

Are you going to be healthy in the future or are you going to make excuses for yourself?

I bet you're a bit like me. I also didn't have enough time to drive to the gym but I didn't let that stop me.

I found a solution to my weight loss problems and now I'm giving you the opportunity to use the Breeze Vest!

You can use the Breeze Vest just like I did, you too can shred fat & lose weight, all without having to leave your house!

Fun fact, I'm using the Breeze Vest right now while writing this. It's that convenient that you can practically use it anywhere!

I know you may have a few questions about the Breeze Vest so that's why we came up with this Frequenty Asked Questions section:


What does your body look like after using the Breeze Vest?


Good question, let me show you a couple photo's!


Is the Breeze Vest available worldwide?


It's our intention to make Breeze Vest available worldwide in the future but as of right now, we only sell the Breeze Vest to USA + Canada.


Will the Breeze Vest work for me regardless of diet or excercise?


The Breeze Vest is a tool similar to a treadmill.

If you went to the gym and hopped on a treadmill for a couple hours but then went home and ate several chicken sandwhiches [ I know a guy who used to do this ;) ] the Breeze Vest or the treadmill would have a hard time burning an appropriate amount of calories for you to notice weight loss.

If you have a small amount discipline and are able to slightly modify your diet or portions, the Breeze Vest is the perfect answer if you want to shred fat & lose stubborn belly fat from the comfort of your own home!


Will the Breeze Vest be in stores anytime soon?


It's our intention to make Breeze Vest a product that anyone can pick up in the store one day but as of now, the Breeze Vest is only available online.


Where was the Breeze Vest designed & who came up with it?


The Breeze Vest was designed & built in Phoenix, AZ by it's inventor, founder & CEO Alan T.

Alan T is a 31 year old entrepreneur who happens to be employed by one of the largest companies on the planet and he's always had a passion for helping others with their problems.


How come I haven't heard of these products? Are there similar vests out there?


These products are not marketed at your local gym or Walmart, however there are several of these online available at major retailers such as Amazon:

Let's take a look at 3 examples:

As we can see this product is listed on Amazon. It has over 5,000+ ratings and it's rated 4.1 out of 5.

This goes to show you that 1) thousands of people have tried this and 2) it really works!

Let's take a look at some more examples:

As we can see, weight loss vests that freeze fat away is nothing new.


What makes Breeze Vest better than the rest?


Good question! When I built the Breeze Vest, I designed it to be the Ultimate Weight Loss Vest!

Just like a Lambo is the Ultimate sports car!

A Lambo is quicker because it's designed to be quicker.

More power comes from more cylinders, a better design cuts weight and that's why it's faster than a KIA.

The Breeze Vest is designed to help you lose more weight in a shorter amount of time than other vests.

Think of those other vests as a normal car and this vest as a Lambo

Lambo's have big motors! Typically they got a V10 or a V12. Where other weight loss vests are like a normal 4 cylinder car, they will get you there but very very slowly. The Breeze Vest is also better than the rest due to the superior quality of the vest & the ice.

Each Breeze Vest is hand built in the USA by a team of people we know & trust.

The Breeze Vest Has 8 Ice Packs where others have just 3 or 4 or maybe 5!

When you buy the Breeze Vest, you'll not only be supporting yourself with a weight loss solution, you'll also be supporting fellow American's.

We also stand by our product with the best warranty in the industry!


How durable is the Breeze Vest? Can you wash it?


The Breeze Vest is extremely durable! It was built to last a lifetime and yes you can wash it, I often do myself after a few sessions:

As you can see, it's still looks brand new and the results speak for themselves:

The choice is yours!

If you don't take action now you'll miss out since there's only so many of these that we can produce.

You may have to wait anywhere from a year to a few years before we do another batch for the Breeze Vest and by then you could by living your life 10lb, 20lb, even 50LB slimmer!

I know first hand what a difference losing 50LB+ makes and I want you to experience all the same benefits that I did!

Do yourself a favor and add your e-mail to the waiting list so you get notified when we go LIVE ON KICKSTARTER Later This Year!

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